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End-to-End Website Protection

A website is the hub of the online business and needs comprehensive protection against malicious security threats. Dublin based Digital Centric offers a scalable network to contest against the latest cyber threats such as malware and hacks. Our web security services include an SSL certificate, HTTPS encryption, antivirus security, malware removal, and vulnerability patching. The encryption displays your site as a trustworthy source to the visitors and prevents the site from exploitation.

Premium Website Security Solutions

Digital Centric- known as the top web security company in Dublin provides comprehensive web security solutions to secure websites from violent cyber-attacks and protect confidential data, site code, and web applications. We use a proactive and preventive approach to secure the websites from any kind of threats.

Malware Removal

Malware is a malicious threat to the web system, which needs to be eliminated to provide users with a safe visitor experience and secure your online business. We run scans to detect malware, remove it, and restore the site.

SSL Certificate

Trust is crucial in the digital world. Search engines, when ranking the sites, prioritize the sites that have an SSL security certificate. SSL certification ensures the safety of private data and forms an encrypted connection.

ESET Antivirus Security

ESET Endpoint Protection is a leading antivirus and IT security system for businesses that secure the desktop against security threats. It offers record-breaking protection and is pro at detecting malware.

Website Backup

Building and maintaining a website takes a large chunk of time and money. Therefore, to ensure that the site's data is safe, we take regular backups, monitor the site's health, and recover the files whenever needed!

A Layered Approach to Safeguard Your Site

With the business sphere evolving and moving towards digitization, Cyber Security has become a significant threat to online businesses. Our cost-effective site security services are designed to capture malicious codes and cyber threats like SQL injections, DDoS attacks, malware and neutralize them. Furthermore, our Content Delivery Network (CDN) protects the site from DDoS attacks by constraining access to the site's original server.

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Digital Centric is the ideal place when it comes to avail website security services. People often come up to us to inquire why website security is such a big deal. It is crucial for a lot of things but mainly to keep hackers & cyber-attackers from retrieving sensitive information without being laced with hands-on site security, networks, commerce risk the boom & spread of malware, outbreaks on other sites, as well as IT infrastructures. The overall number of breaches in the year 2019 was 1,473, increased from 1,257 the year earlier.

Progressing your business should not be a hassle. The benefits of website security services are clear and critical, involving freedom from cyber loopholes and helping to avoid security headaches:

  • Data Breach Prevention
  • Business Continuity & Steadiness
  • Protection from Financial Fraud
  • Focus on Core Business Goals

We bet no commerce would like to have their sites crashing down when their business should be grooming and growing. But it is not something they can avoid easily. Cyber-attacks, viruses, bugs & breaches are widespread as soon you would step into the binary world. In the online environment of the contemporary era, web security is primary for a business no matter big, small, or average. From better confidence to incremental revenues & the implementation of brand goals on your website, Digital Centric being the top-rated web security agency makes it seamless for you to emphasize business more than the technical issues. We are top-notch web security service providers and offer complete website security services to individuals & entities. Our 360-degree approach allows us to stress the protection of web corners of our clients.

  • Better results in SERP
  • Demonstrates Authenticity
  • Build Confidence of Users
  • Eradicate malware options
  • The Big number of Sales
  • Increased visits to the Site

From business giants and small-medium business setups to new entrepreneurial initiatives working online, we help each of our clients considering their worth & value as is in their own eyes. Consult our web security specialists today and secure your website from malicious malware & ransomware, and mind-boggling viruses. We serve our clients and dismiss their web vulnerability with our first-class services and solutions: We bet no agency offers a wide range of web security services as we do in Ireland.

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